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Outlook Web Access and Set up Email Forward

To begin, open the following link to your Jewel email: https://mail.jewell.edu/owa/

In the "Log On" box type your username (unless there is an exception, it should be lastnamefirstinitial) and press enter.

The pop-up window that will appear will be:

1. With two fields:

User Name: username

Password: ####


2. After you login, click the “Go to rules” icon

On the rules panel: Click New…





Windows open Edit Rule: Outlook Web Access – Web Page Dialog

3. On Edit Rule:

Rule Name (optional): Typing whatever name you like or leave the field blank

Select the radio button “Forward it to”, then type the email address name that you email need to be forward to.

If you need to keep an email copy in your inbox, please check the select box “Keep a copy in my inbox”. Otherwise you need to keep maintaining your email inbox by yourself.

Leave all other field blank, then click the “Save and Close” button.











Make sure that you log off when you are done using your e-mail.

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