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Updating WebAdvisor Logins

This process is necessary to create webadvisor logins for the Admissions office.  If the process is not completed, users will receive messages that their password has expired and that they need to reset it.  We do not allow users to change their webadvisor password so they are taken in a continuous loop.


1. Go to DMIU

Web Operator Equivalent:  WEBPROSPECT

Produce Registry Report:  Yes

Communications Code:

Saved List Name:  WA.LOGINS

Additional Selection Criteria:  No

2.  Save

3.  Select 'H' to send the report to the Hold File and Save

4.  Once the process has completed, save out.


5.  Go to the colon prompt and type what is highlighted below: 


 7139 records selected to list 0.


< 1 > Top of "16691" in "ORG.ENTITY.ENV", 38 lines, 135 characters.

*--: CD~

Command delimiter is now ~

*--: =CHANGE 31~R 99999~32~R 99999~FI~=CHANGE

*--: =CHANGE

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