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HOW TO: Connect to WJC-GameStream Wireless network


The WJC-GameStream wireless network is available to support our residents’ access to streaming media and online gaming.  It is primarily reserved for approved game consoles, TVs and other streaming devices.  The use of computers, phones or tablets on the gaming network is not allowed.   

How do I gain access the WJC-GameStream? 

Much like your home network, follow these steps to connect to WJC-GameStream.

1.      Go to the network settings on your device. 

2.      Find the listing of WJC-GameStream in the broadcast SSID. 

3.      Select WJC-GamStream. 

4.      Type in CardinalAccess in the password box. 

5.      Continue by selecting corresponding option for your device.

6.      Wait a few minutes and   

In the event your device does not join the network please submit an IT support ticket:  https://helpsesk.jewell.edu

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