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Office phone information (setup and voicemail)

To answer a call

When your telephone rings, lift the handset or press the speaker button (you are automatically connected to the incoming call).

To make an outside call

Lift the handset or press the speaker button, dial “9” and then dial the external telephone number.

To make an internal call

Lift the Handset or press the speaker phone button & dial the desired 4-digit extension number for the person you would like to call.

To look up directory users (first or last name)

Press the directory button then follow the prompts on the display.

To blind transfer a call

While connected to the caller, press the transfer button. Dial the desired 4-digit extension number. Hang up to send call

To announce a call before transferring

While connected to the caller, press the transfer button. Dial the desired 4-digit extension number. Listen for the person at the extension to pick up. Announce who is calling (during which time, the caller cannot hear your conversation) Hang up to send the call.

To set up a conference call

  1. While connected to the first party press an available Intercom Button then make your second call (the first call is automatically placed on hold), Dial 9 and the desired external telephone number or the internal 4-digit extension number.
  2. Once the second party answers, press the conference button and all parties will be in conference – you will hear a confirmation beep tone. To add another caller, repeat the above steps.
  3. To remove a party from the conference, press the DROP button – use the arrows in the bottom right corner of the display to select the party to drop. Once you have selected the person you want to disconnect, press drop in the display window and the caller will be disconnected – you will hear a confirmation beep tone.

Toforward calls- You may be able to change your forward unconditional settings using the Features menu.

Press Features. Use the up/down keys to highlight Forward. Press Select. Use the up/down keys to highlight Forward Unconditional. Press Select.

  • To Switch On/Off: Highlight Fwd Unconditional. Press On or Off. If no destination is currently set, the display jumps to the destination field.
  • To Select Which Calls: Highlight Call Type. Press Change and when the required option is displayed press Save. Options are External Only, External and Group, Non Group Calls and All Calls.
  • To Set the Destination: Highlight Destination. Press Edit and enter the number required or press To VM to forward to voicemail


Voice Mail Instructions

 To set up voicemail

  1. Dial *17
  2. Enter your phone extension (last 4 digit of your DID) and #
  3. Enter default pass code – 1111 and #
  4. Choose new 4 digit voicemail pass code – This will be your pass code for all functions.
  5. Follow voice prompts to enter your name and voicemail greeting
  6. Save your greeting


To check messages from your phone

The system tells you when you have a new message by displaying a red light at the top right of your telephone.

Press the Message button, and follow the prompts in the display to retrieve messages, send messages to another party, or transfer a caller to voice mail.


Dial *17 instead of using the Voicemail button – this gives additional verbal prompts that may not show up on the display when using the Voicemail button.  (See attached codes.)

To check messages from another phone on campus

Log in as yourself (see the above directions for log in).


Press *17 and follow the verbal prompts to enter your 4-digit mailbox number and pass code. 

To check messages from off campus

  1. Call your voicemail line and wait for voicemail to answer.
  2. Press  # and follow the prompts to enter your mailbox number and pass code.

See the attachment for the numeric options – you will be verbally prompted with these options.


To transfer a caller to voicemail

  1. While connected to the caller, press the voicemail button
  2. The display will show “dial extension”
  3. Enter the 4-digit extension number of the voicemail box you would like to send the caller to
  4. Press “voicemail transfer” in the display window
  5. The caller is now transferred directly to voicemail


To schedule out of office voicemail greeting

  1. While your phone is idle (don’t pick up the handset) , from the keypad press*17
  2. System prompts you:  Enter your extension and press #
  3. System prompts you:  Enter pass code and #
  4. System has multiple prompts, select:  Administer personal greeting -- 3
  5. System has multiple prompts, select:  Create, Change, or Delete greeting -- 1
  6. System prompts “Enter Greeting Number”:  (your default greeting will be number 1 so you could choose 2 through 9 for out of office)
  7. Once you select the greeting number, follow the prompts to record, review, and save – Note:  If you already have the greeting stored, just select the greeting number and the system will acknowledge the greeting is recorded and you can just skip to the next step.
  8. Once you save you will hear multiple prompts:  Select 9 = Temporary
  9. Enter the number of days you would like the temporary greeting to play

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