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Faculty and staff Printing for Windows 7 and Windows 10

This article is designed to asist you in installing a printer on the internal network. Please note that you cannot print to a network printer using these instructions if you computer does not belong to the wjclan.jewell.edu domain. These people will need to refer to Wireless Web Printing instructions located at:


Note 1:

You will not be able to add any network printer you choose. Certain printers are restricted for use exclusively by a particular department.

Steps to connect to a network printer:

Open File Explorer:

- Windows 7 click on the file icon or search Windows Explorer in search box under the stat menu.

 -Windows 10 click on the file Icon or search File Explorer in the search box next to start menu

Figure 1a

.Figure 1b

Enter \Scribe2 in the address bar at the top of the window as shown in the Figure 2.

Figure 2

This will open a list of install scripts that will install the correct drivers and settings for each listed printer as in the selected example in Figure 3.

Figure 3a

Double click on the desired printer and wait for the install to finish.

!! Please note if you do not have sufficient permissions you will receive an error message as shown in Figure 3b, and the printer settings will not be installed. Please open a help desk ticket by clicking https://helpdesk.jewell.edu/account/new_ticket if you feel you should have permissions to your chosen printer.

Figure 3b

When the printer installation is successful the printer dialog box will open as shown here in Figure 4a. You can test the connection by clicking Printer and choosing Printer properties from the drop menu and the properties window will open as shown in Figure 4b.

Figure 4a

Figure 4b

Last, print a test page by the clicking the button as shown in Figure 4b and check the test page has successfully printed. If it has not printed, repeat the instructions again. If you are still getting no results open a help desk ticket here:  https://helpdesk.jewell.edu/

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