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Wireless Network Usage Policies and Guidelines

Welcome to William Jewell College's Wireless Network for students, faculty, and staff in selected locations on campus.



Connecting to WJC's Wireless Network is easy.  No separate registration is required to sign on, only a valid WJC network username and password.  WJC's Wireless Network supports 802.11 g wireless standard and uses a networkID(SSID) of "WJCSecure".



WJC's Wireless Network is a part of Information Services.  By your use of this resource, you are implicitly agreeing to abide by the following guidelines, Network use policy and all other state and federal laws concerning appropriate use of technology resources.



Information Services reserves the right to amend the guidelines at any time without prior notice.  Non-compliance to the guideline is considered a serious breach of computer and network use policy and may result in disciplinary or legal action.



Wireless Network Usage Policies and Guidelines



The purpose of the following guidelines is to specify the best practices, procedure, and the policies that govern wireless network use at William Jewell College.



  • Users of the Wireless network are required to successfully authenticate to WJCsecure.





  • Wireless networks by nature are shared mediums.  Performance and throughput on the wireless network will vary.  Factors affecting performance include: signal strength, number of users on the wireless network, utilization on the wired infrastructure, and end user applications.





  • Wireless connections may be lost when moving between areas with wireless coverage.  A user's connection will be dropped from the network if the user moves away from wireless coverage area.  (Users shall be required to sign on again if they are away from the wireless coverage area for more than 5 minutes.)





  • William Jewell College requires all users of the wireless network to install antivirus software and latest operating system patches on their computer to ensure their computer is not vulnerable to viruses or network attacks.





  • The WJC wireless network is not intended as a replacement for the campus wired network.  Users of the wireless network are discouraged from running high bandwidth applications on the wireless network.  Because of the throughput limitations, Information Services suggests wireless users refrain from downloading large files or streaming audio or video over the wireless network.





  • William Jewell College recognizes the importance of privacy and will make every attempt to preserve it, however, it should be understood that there is no guarantee of privacy of information traversing the wireless network.





  • Wireless networks are inherently insecure as anyone with the proper equipment can passively listen in on the wireless network.  Information Services suggests that instead of using applications that send and receive your data in unencrypted form, use application that use strong encryption before placing your data on the network.  Avoid clear text telnet, ftp application, instead use ssh and sftp.  Do not send sensitive data to websites unless the site connection is using HTTPS.





  • All actions that impede, impair, or otherwise interfere with WJC academic activities or the college network are prohibited.  Users are required to refrain from all activities that my cause accidental or intentional disruption to the wireless network and deprive others of access of College resources.





  • Wireless network users must not run or write any computer program or process that is likely to consume significant wireless or network resources or otherwise interfere with WJC academic activities.





  • In general, Information Services does not engage in monitoring of network and data communications.  However, Information Services reserves the right to monitor, access, retrieve, read, and/or disclose communications through the College network when there is reasonable cause to suspect criminal activity or policy violation, or monitoring is required by law, regulation, or at the Director of Information Services request as appropriate under federal and state privacy laws and regulations.





·         Please note, peer-to-peer software and personal routers are prohibited on the Jewell network.  Peer-to-peer users will be automatically blocked without warning.



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