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Installing Datatel's UI 2.30

1.         Go to \VENUSUI_INSTALL by clicking "start," "run," and entering the preceding information . Copy and paste the file: license.wil to the C: drive.


2.         Launch the UIDesktop230Setup installshield



3.         Click on Run



4.         Click Next at the welcome page




5.         Choose "Standard" and then click Next




6.         Accept the default installation location as C:Program FilesDatatelUI by clicking Next

(On Win7 must browse to this path, as defaults to Program Files x86)




7.         Accept the license.wil location as C: by clicking Next




8.         Enter VENUS as the Host and choose the Windows radio button




9.         Enter LIVE as the Database Name




10.     Enter E:DATATELCOLL18PRODUCTIONAPPHOME as the Database Path and then click Next




11.     Click on Install




12.     Click Finish




13.     Double click on the Datatel UI icon




14.     The scripts will probably be out-of-date so you may need to click on okay and let them run. 




15.     After it is complete, login using your network login.

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