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How to forward your Jewell email to your personal email address using Outlook Express.

Setup Microsoft Outlook:


In Outlook, go to Tools -> Rules and Alerts -> New Rule

Select "Start from a blank rule"

Highlight "Check messages when they arrive"

Click Next

Under conditions, make sure that no boxes are checked

Click Next

Confirm that you want to apply the rule to all messages which arrive by selecting Yes

Check only the "redirect it to people or distribution list" box

In the "Edit the rule description" box, click on the "people or distribution list" blue link

Type your personal email address in the "To" field and click OK

Note: A copy of each forwarded message will still be kept in your Inbox. To avoid having messages accumulate in your Inbox, check the "delete it" box and all new messages which get forwarded to your personal address will be moved to "Deleted Items"

Click Finish

Click OK

Note: To cancel the automatic email forwarding, either delete the rule or uncheck the box next to it.

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