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HOW TO: Access your network drive space when signed into a Jewell Computer or VDI.

When you login to a William Jewell Computer in the PLC or any computer belonging to Willam Jewell College Domain, you have the option to save information to your lockerspace. This is drive space dedicated to your specific user profile that will be connected to any session when signing into any computer within our campus network.



When students use VDI computer in the PLC or Marston 306 Lab the data erased. Only use your locker space or an external USB drive when saving Items. You can find your locker space by do the following.


For Winodows 7 open Computer from the start menu as shown in the image.



Your locker space is listed under Drive (Z:), beginning with your last name and first initial.


Saving your files in this folder allows you to access your files repeatedly, from any computer connected to the Jewell network.

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