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Connecting to the Wireless with Windows 8

  1. From your main screen, select Desktop View icon.

       2. From here, right click on the Internet Access icon in the lower right corner.

        3. On this dropdown menu, select Open Network and Sharing Center.

       4. In this window, select Set up a New Connection or Network.

       5. Select Manually Connect.


       6. Here, type in the name of the network you want to connect to. You may access JewellSecure or your dorm wireless (ElyWireless, BrowningWireless, etc.).  Correct capitalization is important. On the dropdown menu, select the options shown in the picture below.

       7. On this screen, you will need to select Change Connection Settings.

       8. The window that opens has two tabs at the top. Click on the Security tab and select Settings.

       9. Uncheck the first box in this window so that the window appears as shown. Then select Configure.

       10. In this window, uncheck the Automatically Use my Windows Logon box. Then, press OK

       11. In this window again, select Advanced Settings.

       12. Here, check the Specify Authentication Mode box. In the dropdown menu beneath it, select User Authentication

       13. After selecting User authentication, click on the option for Save credentials. This will open the window below where you will type your logon credentials: Jewell username and password. In front of your username, however, you will need to type wjc_opsas shown. From here, press OK.

        14. Back on the main screen, (left) click on your network icon. You will open this menu on the side—here, you can now double click to connect to this wireless network.


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