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Android setup for Wi-fi and Email

*NOTE* This information may vary depending on what which Android device you are trying to connect as there are many different types of Android operating systems for phones and tablets. This is just a general walk-thru and if you still have issues, please submit a helpdesk ticket under Wireless/Mobile Devices.

Wi-fi connection for Android.

1. Click on the settings Icon (which normally looks like a gear.

2. Once in Settings, Choose the option for Wireless & Networks.

3. Confirm that your Wi-Fi is enabled and then select the option for Wi-Fi Settings.

4. A list of available Wi-Fi will populate, click on which one you are wanting to connect to. (If you are not seeing a list of networks, your Wi-Fi may not be enabled)

5. After clicking the network you want to connect to a list of options will open up.

6. The first option is EAP method. Select the option: PEAP

7. For Phase 2 authentication select: MSCHAPV2

8. For CA: choose don't validate if option is available or simply leave as Unspecified

9. For Identity: type Your Jewell Username  Ex. "doej"

10. For Anonymous: type Your Jewell Username again

11. Type in your Jewell password. (The one you use to logon to a machine or check your Jewell email)

14. Click Connect.

15. After obtaining an IP address you are now connected to the Wireless network.


EMAIL Connectivity

1. Click on the same Settings Icon as we used for Wi-Fi.

2. Select the option: Accounts

3. There will be an option for Add Account

(This is where different devices have different choices)

4. There will be an option for Microsoft Exchange.

5. Type in your entire Jewell email address. (Ex. doej@william.jewell.edu)

6. Type in your Jewell password.

7. The domain is optional and not require, so leave this blank.

8. Type in your user name. (Ex. doej)

9. Click Next and a box will prompt you for a server name.

10. The server name for Jewell is: https://mail.jewell.edu

11. Click Next and you are now connected to Jewell email.

There are options if you want to sync your calendar, contacts, etc to sync to your phone.

You can also choose how fast emails will push to your device. The longer you wait between pushing emails, the longer it will conserve your battery life.

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