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Spam (a.k.a. Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE))

All emails received from non-Jewell email addresses are being processed by a spam filter. The spam filter rates each message based on the probability that the individual words and phrases are found in a legitimate email (Bayesian filtering). In addition, the filter utilizes black lists of well-known spammers and viruses. Based on the score of each email, the filter decides what to do with it. The current scoring limits are setup in the following way. Messages with scores below 3, are immediately passed to the email server. Messages with scores between 3 and 6 are tagged (the subject is preceded by "[BULK]"). Messages with scores above 7 are blocked.

Here is how to see the score of an email you have received from a non-Jewell email address. You will have to look at some of the non-standard headers of the message ("X-Barracuda-Spam-Score"; the "X-Barracuda-Spam-Status" field shows the current spam score limits).

Open an email message.

In Microsoft Outlook, go to View -> Options -> Internet headers.

In Mozilla Thunderbird, go to View -> Headers -> All.

In Mail.app, go to View -> Message -> Long Headers.

Users of Microsoft Outlook are encouraged to install and use an Outlook plugin The plugin will help the filter to learn which messages should be treated as "spam" and which ones as "not spam" for a particular email account. Outlook needs to be restarted after the installation of the plugin. You should notice two additional icons on the Outlook standard toolbar. The icons resemble envelopes in green and red. Click on the red envelope to submit a message as "spam" (after highlighting it). Click on the green envelope to submit a message as "not spam" (a.k.a ham). You can submit several messages at the same time (just highlight them first). Note that in order for the filter to work effectively, you will have to "process" at least 100 messages from each category (200 recommended).

Users of other email clients, can setup custom rules on their email client to redirect emails to particular folders based on the [BULK] tag and/or the spam score (the "X-Barracuda-Spam-Score" header).

The filter keeps a message log of all the emails that have been evaluated and have a score greater than or equal to 0 (including blocked emails). Let Information Services know if you think that you are not getting a particular email.

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