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Moodle Troubleshooting

  1. Moodle is accessible on and off campus at https://moodle.jewell.edu
  2. Students will need to setup their accounts (unless they already have one from a previous semester or course) and confirm their account using their jewell e-mail account.
  3. All Moodle accounts must use the “@william.jewell.edu” e-mail accounthotmail, juno, & yahoo accounts will not work with Moodle.
  4. Cookies must be enabled to use Moodle.  To enable cookies:
    1. Go to the Tools menu
    2. Select Internet Options
    3. Choose the Security Tab
    4. Click on the Default button
    5. Drag the security level to Medium-Low
    6. Click OK
  5. If you still are unable to log in after enabling cookies, check to see if Norton Anti Virus is enabled.  If so, disable it, login to Moodle, and then enable it.  The only time it needs to be disabled is at the login screen.
  6. As a last effort, try installing Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.  For more information please see the articles related to Mozilla Firefox in the Knowledge Base.

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