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HOW TO: Connect to Desktop.Jewell.edu using your IPad


- Find the RD Client App on your IPad

- Tap to open and you will see an empty dialog.

- Tap the + sign and Choose Remote Resources.

- Enter this URL as shown in the example:



- Tap Find Feed and another dialog will open


- Tap Add User Account


- Enter your William Jewell Username exactly as shown in the example:

                        wjc_opsJewell Username here


- Tap Find Feed again


- Switch to the Desktops tab to view your remote resources.

- Tap Campus to open the desktop.

** You will only see the desktops you have permissions to use. Students, faculty, and staff will only see the Campus and Win10-Campus remote desktops. If you have permissions to other remote resources, they would be listed here. Please only sing into one Desktop at a time, please be sure to logout out of windows when finished **

- Tap Accept to allow the connection

- It is optional to tap the switch that says, “Don’t ask me again …”


- Wait for the desktop to finish loading.

- It can take a couple of minutes for remote desktop to load all of its resources

- Once loaded you will have access to all of your campus resources as if you using a Windows computer

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